Q: Who are the Illiana Thunderbolts?

A: We are a travel baseball program that is based out of the south suburbs of Chicago & northwest Indiana region.


The Illiana Thunderbolts Baseball organization was established to provide an opportunity for boys to receive a heightened level of baseball instruction. Our organization promotes teamwork, fundamentals, sportsmanship, instruction, and an overall passion for the game of baseball necessary to increase player skill development in a competitive environment.

Q: Do you have to be a member of the Illiana Thunderbolts to attend the 2017 Indoor BASEBALL WINTER CAMP?

A: NO. Everyone of age is eligible to attend our camps. You can be playing for your in-town team or any other travel program and you are welcome to attend the Illiana Thunderbolt winter camp.

Q: When does the WINTER camp begin and end?

A: The ENTIRE camp begins the first or second Sunday in January & ends at the end of March 26. Exact dates available elsewhere on this web site

Q: What is the date, time, and age breakdown for the camp?

A: You can choose one of three plans we have set up.

The 1st plan is called MINI CAMP I . This is a 3 session camp that will be held on: January 8, 14, 15 2017.

That is 3  separate CAMPS that your player can attend if you choose the MINI CAMP I.

The second plan is MINI CAMP II. This is a 3 session camp that will be held on: February 11, 12, 19, 2017.

That is 3 Sundays that your player can attend if you choose the MINI CAMP II.

The third plan is SPRING TRAINING CAMP. This is a 4 session camp that will be held on: the following Sundays;  March 6, 13, 20, & April 3, 2016.

That is 4 Sundays that your player can attend if you choose the SPRING TRAINING CAMP .

That is 10 SEPARATE SESSIONS that your player can attend if you choose ALL 3 CAMPS that will be held on:
January 8, 14, 15 2017
February 11, 12, 19 2017
March 5, 12, 19, 26 2017

Q:Are the camps broken up by AGE?

A: We have 6 divisions in which you can enroll your player.
They are:
THUNDER TYKES – 5 & 6 yrs. old
PEE WEE DIVISION 7, & 8 yrs.old
MINORS – 9 & 10 yrs. old
MAJORS DIVISION – 11 & 12 yrs. old
BIG LEAGUE DIVISION – 13 & 14 yrs. old
HIGH SCHOOL – Freshman thru Senior

Q: Do I determine my sons age simply by how old he is when camp starts?

A: No you must use the AGE MATRIX that is used by all organized baseball teams.  You can see the AGE  matrix by clicking on this link.

Q: Is the camp only for boys or can I sign my daughter up?

A: Our THUNDER TYKES & PEE-WEE Divivions are perfect for both boys and girls.

The older camps are generally reserved for boys only but exceptions can be made based on the ability and experience of your daughter at the older age.

Q: What times are the camps held?

A: The times VARY by date and age. You can see the entire schedule breakdown by clicking on this LINK

Q: How do I register my player to attend the camp?

A: It is very simple and only takes about two minutes to register on line by going clicking on this LINK 

You can also download a hard copy registration form and fill it out and mail it in. That is available by clicking on this LINK

 Q; How do I make a payment?

A; You can make a payment on line with a debit or credit card. That is available by clicking on this LINK

Or you can mail in a check withe printable registration form. That is available by clicking on this LINK

Q: Do I have to pay the entire amount when I register.

A: You will need to send at least a $25.00 deposit to guarantee a spot in camp. The balance can be paid at a later date or arrangements can be made to make extend the payment over time.

Q: What does my player need to bring to camp.

A; Your player should be dressed ready for a strenuous work-out each and every session

PANTS – Casual baseball attire. Baseball pants, sweats, are best, we discourage shorts.

SHIRTS – T-shirt or jerseys are fine.

SHOES – GYM shoes, turf shoes, etc. NO SPIKES!!,

HAT- Please remember to wear a baseball hat.

MITT – Some players have multiple mitts, one for infield. outfield, 1st base, catcher, bring whatever your player uses.

BAT – Yes if your player has one, If you do not have one you DO NOT need to buy one, we will provide bats.

HELMET – Yes if your player has one, If you do not have one you DO NOT need to buy one, we will provide helmets.

CUP – Yes (for male players).

WATER – YES, or gatorade or other sport drinks.

BASEBALLS – Nope we got that covered.

BASEBALL BAG – Best way to keep everything organized.

WE HIGHLY ENCOURAGE ALL PLAYERS TO HAVE THEIR NAMES ON THEIR EQUIPMENT. You will surprised how many players have the exact same bats/mitts, etc.

Q: Can I stay and watch my player during the camp:

A: Yes, there are bleachers set up at one end of the facility where you relax, read a book, and watch your player work out.

Q; Can my player bring a snack to eat?

A: There is a strict NO food policy (this includes sunflower seeds) on the field. The facility has a complete restaurant for food and drinks.

Q: What if I sign up for CAMP ONE and then later I decide to sign up my player for the second camp? Is that possible?

A: Yes it is, provided there is room.

Q: How much does the camp cost?

A: Since we have 3 age divisions and 3 different camp sessions the prices vary. Here they are:

All the prices are listed on this page which you can see by clicking on this LINK

We do our best to try and keep the costs manageable. Please feel free to compare these costs to ANY other baseball camp that offers as much time, teaching, and experience as your player will receive at the Illiana Thunderbolt camp.

Q: I would like to help out at the camp, do you allow parents to participate?

A; Absolutely! We love having parents help out. We will hook you up with one of our coaches and have you work at a station helping the players while they are there. If your player has an older brother or uncle, etc. invite them as well.

Q; How will the camp run?

A; This is a great question which requires quite a long answer. However we will try and provide a brief overview.

As stated there are 6 divisions, THUNDER TYKES (5 & 7 yrs. old), PEE WEES (8 & 9 yrs. old), MINORS,  MAJORS (10 & 11 yrs. old), BIG LEAGUE (12 & 13years old), & HIGH SCHOOL (freshman thru seniors). In addition to the different ages WITHIN each division there will be a different level of experience, abilities, knowledge and so forth. While MANY of the drills are structured for the entire group to perform some “other” drills or stations will be set up to focus on beginning, intermediate, and advance skills. These stations will change from session to session and the players will be moved in and out of different groups to maximize the appropriate instruction we can provide.

Since we will be covering such things as; base running, sliding, lead-offs, ground balls, fly balls, batting stance, tee work, balance, weight placement, torso vs arm swing, bat grip, head placement, dominant eye awareness, double plays, pitching form, stretch vs. wind-up, arm strength, pick-off, balks, athletic balance, quickness, focus, relay, catching, blocking, tags, batting box presence, signs, rules, and more we will be constantly tweaking the groups within the division and areas of instruction each group will receive.

Q; Will there be other coaches beside the Illiana Thunderbolts staff in attendance.

A: Yes in the last several years that we have run the camp we have had coaches and players form Marian H.S., Andrean H.S.,  Mt. Carmel H.S. Thornton Fractional North H.S., Brother Rice H.S., Lewis University, Illinois Benedictine College, South Suburbans College, St, Francis Joliet College, as well as several form MLB players. MOST notably Mickey Morandini who has been a huge supporter and fantastic coach at the camps. The attendance of special coaches is directly contingent upon their availability, however we intend to continue this tradition this year as we find that the players as well as our own coaching staff truly enjoy this part of the camp.

Q: Do you offer any discounts for siblings?

A: Yes, we do. please deduct $20 off the fee for each sibling that signs up

Q; I am the coach of a team in a local league. Can I bring me team and can my coaches participate in the camp.

A: Sure, we have had MANY coaches bring their whole or part of the team to our camp. Its a great way to get more indoor work done before the season starts. Please contact us at 708-473-5051 to find out how we can make this arrangement work for your organization as well as for the entire success of the camp.

Q: Do you recruit players from your camp to play for the Illiana Thunderbolts.

A: No that is not what this camp is about. This camp is simply for the opportunity for the ballplayers to have fun and learn some baseball during the cold wintery months. In the past we have had some parents ask us about our program and if their players could play on one of teams. We treat these inquiries on a case by case basis.

Q: How old does a player need to be to play on a Illiana Thunderbolt Baseball team.

A: In 2017 the earliest age will be 10 years old.

Q: My player is new to baseball, is this a good camp for him/her.

A: The Illiana Thunderbolt winter camp is perfect for beginners as well as advanced experienced players. Your ball player will be assigned to a group of players with like similar ability/experience.

Our coaches will tailor the instruction and drills to provide the proper level of training for the players.

Q: I still have more questions. Is there someone I can contact?

A: Yes you can send your questions via email to baseballcamp@illianathunderbolts.com or text or call 708-473-5051.

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