How will the camp run?

This is a great question which requires quite a long answer. However we will try and provide a brief overview.

As stated there are 6 divisions, THUNDER TYKES (5 & 7 yrs. old), PEE WEES (8 & 9 yrs. old), MINORS,  MAJORS (10 & 11 yrs. old), BIG LEAGUE (12 & 13years old), & HIGH SCHOOL (freshman thru seniors). In addition to the different ages WITHIN each division there will be a different level of experience, abilities, knowledge and so forth. While MANY of the drills are structured for the entire group to perform some “other” drills or stations will be set up to focus on beginning, intermediate, and advance skills. These stations will change from session to session and the players will be moved in and out of different groups to maximize the appropriate instruction we can provide.

Since we will be covering such things as; base running, sliding, lead-offs, ground balls, fly balls, batting stance, tee work, balance, weight placement, torso vs arm swing, bat grip, head placement, dominant eye awareness, double plays, pitching form, stretch vs. wind-up, arm strength, pick-off, balks, athletic balance, quickness, focus, relay, catching, blocking, tags, batting box presence, signs, rules, and more we will be constantly tweaking the groups within the division and areas of instruction each group will receive.

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