The answer is dependent on several things, age, athletic ability, maturity, players love of the game, parents agenda are a few of the factors that come in to play. First thing you might want to do is ask yourself :

  • How did last year go?
  • Did your son learn anything, did he enjoy himself, did he make any NEW friends, did his love of the game increase, decrease, or stay the same?
  • Was he excited about going to practice?
  • Did he look forward to putting his uniform on to get to the field to play the game?
  • Did he improve as much as hoped for by being challenged by his coaches, teammates, and competition?

Most of the time we hear more NO’s than YESSES to those questions.
IF all you seek is for your son to go to the same field 3 times a week and play the same 4 or 5 teams during the year then IN-HOUSE might be the way to go.
IF your player is one of the better players then you will enjoy watching the manager parade him out to the mound every third game and strike out a bunch of batters. You will probably enjoy watching him hit the ball  and beam with pride as he gets his 3rd or 4th inside the park home run as the defense throws the ball all over the place.

We had a player on our team one year that was struggling game after game to get a hit on our travel team. His mom came up and said “I don’t understand why he is not hitting for the Thunderbolts because yesterday in his IN-HOUSE game hit had 3 hits.” Wow, we thought that’s great, So we asked “where did he hit the ball?” The mom enthusiastically began explaining that the first time up he “HIT” the ball to the pitcher but the pitcher threw the ball over the first baseman’s head and he ran all the way to second! The second HIT was to the 3rd baseman and the ball went under his glove into left field! The third and final HIT was a pop-up to the right fielder who run in and the ball went over his head!. When we explained those were errors and not hits, she explained “but he HIT the ball so that’s 3 HITS……

IN-HOUSE/REC BALL vs. TRAVEL explained right there.

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