Ask yourself these questions:

Does your son love baseball, does he love the “game”? Is he an athlete? Does he like to be challenged? Does he want to play for his H.S. team? Does he want to make the varsity squad as a sophomore? Is the H.S. he is likely to go to have a successful competitive program? Does he like making new friends? Are you getting tired of “bad” baseball? Does he have a daddy-coach?  Does your IN-House board members favor their own kids and disregard the others?
Well if you answered yes to some of those questions then it is probably time to move on..

Now if some of these are familiar to you. “No he doesn’t love baseball he likes playing sometimes”, “yes its hard to get him to practice sometimes as he doesn’t always seem to want to go.”  “No, my son does not like too many challenges or being called out if he makes a mistake, he just shuts down and gives up.”  ‘Not sure if he wants to play baseball in HS, he might play football or basketball or all three sports.” “ Sure he likes making new friends but would rather play baseball with the kids he goes to school with. “ “We don’t have bad baseball in our league, we won district last year!”  “No his dad does not coach, the pitchers dad is the coach, He has a  hitting stick & a batting net, and a pitching machine, and a tablet with a baseball program on it!”  “I am not on the board of our league but my son made the All Stars because he is really good.”
Well if this is more like your train of thought them IN-HOUSE/REC BALL will work just fine for you and your player.

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