Group Me: A Step-By-Step Tutorial

How to use GroupMe, a social media program
that allows people to have group conversations.
These conversations are accessible through texts
(on both smartphones and easy use phones), and
can also be accessed on the GroupMe webpage or GroupMe app.



Let’s begin by exploring how to create a GroupMe account:

First, you will want to go to

Here you’ll see three buttons — “Check it out” on the bottom,
“Get the App” in the middle, and “Log In” in the top right corner.

Select “Log In”.

Once on this page, you will more options to “log in”, “log in with
Facebook”, or “Register with GroupMe”. In order to open an
account you will need to select “Register with GroupMe”
This will bring you a standard registration page where you
will be asked to enter your email.

At this point it is recommended that you sign up using the email
you use most. This will make it easier to keep track of, something
especially important when using GroupMe to interact with team
members or friends.

Here you will be asked a few simple questions including your full
name and password. Once again it is important to use your real
name if you intend to use this program in a professional setting.

 After you fill out the information requested by GroupMe, you will
be asked to read their “Terms of Service”. After doing so you will
check the box on the lower left and click the green button/”Next!”

 The next step before your account is open is to add your phone number.
In doing so you will enable GroupMe to access you through texts /SMS.
This will enable your team members to keep in contact with you,
something that will be discussed in more detail later.

After selecting “Send SMS” as seen in the screenshot above, you will
be redirected to a page that says to expect a text in the next 5+ minutes.
This text will contain your GroupMe pin, which you will enter in the
circled area. Once done, you will be able to select “Verify Your Phone Number”.

Congratulations! You have officially set up a GroupMe account!

You will receive a group-me alert from the thunderbolts please accept
and follow instructions to join the group. you may be asked to join one
or more groups, so be sure to see the name of the group(s) you are joining
as they will have different members and will be used for different reasons.


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