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13 May 1969, St. Louis, Missouri, USA — The umpire is always right, but in this case, both of them can’t be! Two umpires give different signals, John Kibler (left) calling it out, and Ed Vargo (right) calling it safe. Kibler’s call stood, and Los Angeles Dodgers’ Bill Sudakis (16) was out at 2nd when he tried to stretch high hit into short centerfield into a double. Cards’ 3rd baseman Mike Shannon came over to cover the open base, taking the throw from CF Curt Flood for the controversial out. Kibler had gone out to cover the possible catch. When the ball dropped both Kibler and Vargo dashed to 2nd to call the play. They called it differently, but Kibler’s ruling stands because he is the 2nd base umpire and both were in equal position to call it. — Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

Umpiring is one of the few
jobs that you have to perfect
when you start and continue
to improve along the way.


The Illiana Thunderbolts will be holding training classes for those that are interested in umpiring. No past experience is required.

Umpiring is a great way to stay involved in the game, stay in shape and make some $$.

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